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02.04.2022 14:05 - Астрономите се шегуват: Transmogrifiers: Bright of the Exomoon, by Michael B. Lund (CalTech/IPAC)
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Постингът е бил сред най-популярни в категория в Blog.bg

Though it may be a behavior that has been observed and documented for millennia, and despite the connection between it and the full moon, the astronomical community has afforded very little attention to lycanthropy. We hope to address this deficiency by using the population of known exoplanets as a natural experiment to better characterize what properties of the moon are necessary to trigger a transformation into a werewolf. We additionally investigate which exoplanets are most likely to have exomoons which may cause werewolves, with a particular focus on LHS 1140 b. We also propose a new mission called the Werewolves From Infrared Radiation and Spectral-typing Telescope, or WFIRST, in order to better characterize exoplanetary systems. This will allow us to explore the impact of stellar type on lycanthropy more than it has traditionally been considered. We believe this represents a major step forward in our understanding and recognition of the burgeoning field of exocryptozoology.

Comments: 11 pages, 2 figures. Submitted to Acta Prima Aprilia

Целият текст на материала е достъпен тук: https://arxiv.org/pdf/2203.17017


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