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14.04 08:38 - „Мащаб“ (Scale) – нов роман от Грег Игън (Greg Egan)
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Последна промяна: 14.04 08:38

Един от моите любими автори, австралиецът Грег Игън е издал нов роман.

На страницата на сп. „Локус“ има ревю (https://locusmag.com/2023/04/alexandra-pierce-reviews-scale-by-greg-egan/#comment-268787). А ето и малко мои коментари:

- Robert Sawyer has scale-age relation in his Quantiglio trilogy; it has effect on characters" lives, but it is not a basis of oppression.

- Ukrainian (born in USSR, now living in US - globalization in action for you) family tandem Marina and Sergey Dyachenko has a fix-up novel with the same name (published first in 2022). The humanity has "versions" with different scale and this is important enough to became a basis for a global war; sadly, the male half of the tandem recently passed away. I know some of their work has been translated in English and I will take thew chance to promote it - the wife was a stage actress and this is probably the reason for the lively and convincing dialog, the husband was a journalist - this is probably the reason for the observant prose and the attention to detail.

- The classical Jonathan Swift Gullvers"s Travels; BTW, it has a free sequel by Bulgarian SF writer Emil Manov - Travel through Uibrobia - from the now distant 1975; this is an adventure young adult book.

All this is not to accuse Egan - whose writing I like very much - in stealing ideas, just to provide some SF landscape (and to put in a good word for some of my favorite and lesser known writers, of course). :)


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